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Yoga opens the body in every direction. The gentle opening and stretching of relaxed muscle groups harmonises the body form and aids the release of tension and toxins, so increasing blood flow. The practice seems to streamline the muscles against the skeletal structure.


During yoga sessions I pay careful attention to the postural alignment of students, working within the limits of the individual, softening the muscles and engaging the mind and breath to enable a continuous flow through the body in such a way that postures can become a meditative process as well as developing suppleness, stamina and gentle strength.

In General


Nearly everyone has a concept or idea of yoga, even if they have not practiced it directly. There are many different styles, but each is based within the same philosophy. Each style is equally effective, so personal choice and exploration are important.


I teach a gentle form of yoga that incorporates some of the principles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and have found this method to be effective. I have practiced yoga for 30 years and have developed a personal style with groups of postures within the classical framework. Sequences are tailored depending on individual needs and time available. Any practice of this sort consists of preparation/warm up exercises, the main practice and then closing postures to bring us back to the everyday.


The transitions between everyday life and practice should be as smooth as possible especially in the early stages of learning. Gradually everyday life becomes more in tune with our practice and we carry the seed and experience of calmness in each moment.



We can access yoga in a few ways.


Sometimes it is difficult to enter the connection to the body immediately. Preparation exercises aid this process. Warming the body before the main practice helps the mind to develop the habit of settling into a more meditative state.


We can look at the postures from a purely physical and structural perspective. Paying attention to the softening of the muscles is useful if the mind is very active and you still wish to gently open the joints. Although not engaging with the core of yoga practice, it still has value and, as a result, the mind and breath have a chance to join the movements gradually. Consequently the body feels freer and that directly softens any tension we may be experiencing in the mind.


A short meditation can follow the preparation exercises before the main yoga practice. Slowly moving into posture without breaking the concentration tends to lead more easily into a deep practice that has fewer postures worked more intensely. We can close with a short meditation too.



There are also fluid forms of yoga sequences such as the ‘Salute to the Sun’. These can be performed slowly or more dynamically, but an understanding of the individual postures is important before these sequences flow smoothly.  


There are more approaches. This is just to demonstrate differences and to show that the style of practice is flexible.


We make the choice in how to practise depending on our internal state. Sometimes if we are in turmoil then having a cup of tea or coffee is a better exercise than yoga. Practicing without proper attention can cause injury. Once the principles are understood clearly then understanding when and when not to practice become clear.

There are times when we do not feel so strong and our bodies require a gentle approach while we heal and gradually come back to full strength.


This could be because of illness, injury, age, emotional unrest, lack of energy...... There are many reasons.


This class is designed to facillitate the conscious integration of movement with breath. The extreme postures are excluded.The postures chosen for this class can be practiced at different levels so you can put as much or as little energy into them as you wish.


Flow Yoga Mondays 1:15 - 2:30pm

Restorative Yoga Wednesdays 1pm - 2:30pm

Meditation Wednesdays 2:45pm - 3:30