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Tai Chi has is well known for it's slow elegant flexible dance type movements. Tai Chi is an effective martial art however the learning of Tai Chi is also approached from the idea of good postural aligment, coordinated movement and a stillness of mind which incorporates the development of stamina, suppleness and concentration.


I teach Yang Style Tai Chi. I studied for 20 years with my close friend and teacher Alan Peck. Although I have studied with other teachers my over-riding influences are from this gentle but precise teaching that Alan patiently offered.



Preparation Exercises: These are a series of individual exercises that can be practised for their own merit. They offer insight over time to different aspects of the Tai Chi Form and still, after 20 years of playing with these preparation exercises, I find new insights and deepening understanding of opening and warming the muscles and sinews.


Tai Chi Form: Initially I teach the "Short Form" which is a sequence of movements that take approximately 10 minutes to perform and around a year to learn. The movements seem unusual to begin with and gradually over a few weeks the body becomes more supple and the patterns of the Form make more sense.


Tai Chi Forms: Long Form, Short Form, Sword, San Sou (partnered dance), DaLu (short partnered dance), Push Hands (partner forms) and applications of tai chi postures.


I also develop an interest  in and awarness of Qi. This is taught through a series of solo and partner exercises. These are light and fun and also fascinating.

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T'ai Ch'i

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