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Qi Gong follows, in many ways, the same principles as Tai Chi. Body form, alignment of structure, breathing and mind are developed using Qi Gong. There are many, many Qi Gong systems available to us and all are equally useful.


A Qi Gong exercise is ususally a short movement sequence that repeats. The number of repetitions is up to you.


I structure my teaching so that I can emphasise different aspects of Qi Gong.


As with the acupuncture I follow a Five Element tradition of Qi Gong that looks at the balance of our internal universe and our relationship to the external universe from an energetic or Qi perspective. This is a specific set of short movements that can be learned in a half day course and can then be practiced on your own.


I also teach a sequence of movements that are exellent for exploring the concept of Qi and developing a connection to the feelings experienced as your sensitivity increases.


Alongside the standing movement forms there are forms that are specifically designed to be practiced in sitting meditaion either on a chair or lotus/cross legged position. Comfort is the primary factor so the mind is relaxed and can concentrate on the  movements or visualisation without distraction.


As with all my teaching, preparation exercises and closing exercises are taught precisely to gain the most from the main practice.

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Qi Gong

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