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Sara Mayne

Lic Ac MBAcC


Acupuncture ~ Yoga ~ Tai Chi ~ Qi Gong


Bourne End ~ Marlow ~ Maidenhead ~ Cookham ~ Beaconsfield  

High Wycombe ~ Henley ~ Wooburn Green

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Phone:     01628 673377

Mobile:    07732 705644

email:      saramayne1@gmail.com

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Meditation Half Days



Meditation and Visualisation

10am - 1pm

(cost £35 per monring)


Anyone who has attended my meditation workshops previously or who has attended the morning session is welcome.

Included in this workshop: a review of techniqes (bring questions), review of the 8 brocades, posture, simple 9 breaths, settling the mind, extended meditation time (20 – 30   mins), 5-phase visualisation.


Half Day Booking Form

Saturday 16th February, 16th March & 27th April

What to bring:


For all classes please wear soft warm comfortable clothing in layers. Your body needs to be free to move without any clothing restriction. Sometimes the body can change temperature quite quickly and so a couple of layers are better than just one or two. Socks or Tai Chi slippers may be worn.




I provide yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets but do please bring along your own if you prefer. For Tai Chi and Qi Gong, just bring yourself.


Food and drink:


Please eat a little at least an hour before any exercise class, especially for Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation. The body uses a great deal of energy in these classes even though the movements are slow and relaxing.  Good fuel for the body is essential. Drink when you become thirsty.  Hot jasmine tea and water are provided.